Important Points in Counterfort Retaining Wall Design

When it comes to a retaining wall design, the points in counter fort are extremely important. Unfortunately this is not something that many people are aware of when they are building and they could potentially save you from a serious headache down the road. They typically are important because they will ensure that the wall does not collapse, giving you a peace of mind knowing that it is sturdy. Here are a few things to think about for your next project.

Protection from Soil

One of the main points of the counter fort retaining wall design is to keep the wall from caving in completely. Using counter forts helps to tie the base and the actual slab together so that any bending or forces upon it are reduced and do not cause the wall to cave. Another reason why this is so important, besides that the wall is stopped from slipping into the soil, is the weight of the wall. The counter fort design helps to keep the weight of the concrete wall from causing it to fall in or sink.

Base Structure

Building a strong base is another reason why this is so important. You have to have a strong foundation to begin with in order to build up further. So having this type of structure is important in making the entire structure strong. Having the points in counter fort retaining wall designs help to keep the bottom layer from sinking into the soil after being built and that in turn keeps the next layer from sinking down as well. This continues up ensuring that the entire wall is sturdy. This is especially important for those who are building on new soil or sand. When you have older dirt it is typically hardened a little bit or even if you have concrete under the wall. If you are building on a foundation though that doesn’t allow for a lot of stability, then this element to your design and building is extremely important to keep in mind.

When building anything it is extremely important to make sure that it will last a long time. Mainly you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth and that you don’t have to end up fixing the wall or digging it out of the sand or soil if it sinks in because you didn’t take the necessary precautions. Without this type of design and reinforcement, there is a good chance that you will have problems later on with your retaining wall. If you are considering a counter fort retaining wall for your own project, there are a few places that you might want to check out before you get started. You can look either online or in most hardware stores and speak to someone there that can help to guide you. Many times it is best to speak with someone who has experience when it comes to retaining walls.