Improving Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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What You'll Need
Paint brush or roller
Textured wallpaper
Wallpaper glue

Acoustic ceiling tiles can both soundproof the walls between rooms and improve the sound quality within a single room. Common commercial settings for acoustic tiles are music stores and schools. In residential settings, they are common in media rooms and home theaters. These tiles are very functional; unfortunately, they are not very attractive. Try a few of these strategies to make your suspended ceiling tiles look a little better.

Paint Your Ceiling Tiles
One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your tiles is to simply paint them. Acoustic ceiling tiles are generally fairly porous in construction, which means that they readily accept paint. Choose a paint color that will enhance the look of your home theater or commercial setting.

A neutral accent can simply enhance the room’s ambiance. To make the room feel larger and more open, select a color that is one shade lighter than the walls of the room. For a cozier feeling, paint the ceiling one shade darker.

Add Texture to Your Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Another option is to add texture to your tiles by applying a textured wallpaper. This will require a gentle hand and a little finesse. To start, you must take down all of your suspended ceiling tiles and lay them flat on a table or a work space. Clean each tile with a mile detergent and a soft cloth. Next, select a textured wall paper that you like. These papers can be expensive, so pick one that you can live with for a while.

Measure each tile and cut out textured wallpaper segments to fit. Apply the paper to the tiles using wallpaper paste. Allow it to dry completely. If you like the color the textured wallpaper, you can simply put the suspended ceiling tiles back into their grid frame once the glue has dried.

Plain white wallpaper can be painted. Depending upon your desired aesthetic, select a paint color that is either neutral, lighter, or darker than your wall color. Apply the paint with very gentle pressure. If you press too hard or use your paintbrush too aggressively, you will damage the raised textures on the paper. Allow it to dry overnight. The next day, install the textured and painted acoustic ceiling tiles back into their frames.