The Benefits of Incinerating Toilets

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If you are looking for a toilet that is easy to take on the road and transport, consider an incinerating toilet. An incinerating toilet does not use any water to function. Instead, it burns waste via electricity or gas. It is boon for RV travelers, houseboat owners, hunters, and campers. Incinerating toilets are easy to install and can be operated in very cold weather.


Relatively odorless, incinerating toilets reduce waste to easily disposable fine, sterile ashes. There are some disadvantages. Turning waste to ash causes it to lose the nutritional value it would otherwise have for the earth. It also uses more energy to operate than other toilets, leaving a carbon footprint on the environment.

Prices for incinerating toilets ranged from around $1800 for electric models to approximately $3000 for gas operated units.