Increase Horsepower: How to Let Exhaust Exit More Easily

It is definitely possible to increase horsepower of a car. Different people have different motives behind buying a car. While some desire speed, others look for comfort and mileage. Whatever may be the reason, every customer wants total value for his money. A good value for money can only be achieved when a car performs well in the areas of mileage and speed. It is a well known fact that the engine is the heart off the car. However very few people are aware of the fact that a good exhaust system is responsible in enhancing the performance and horsepower of a car in a big way.

A car’s exhaust system is made up of a number of components which act together in combination to give better performance. Before we discuss how to enhance the performance of the car by using a better exhaust system, it is important to understand how a car’s exhaust system works.

Gases that are produced in the car, as a byproduct of chemical combustion, head towards the header of the exhaust. The header or the manifold burns all the leftover oil which might have left unburned in the engine. The gases then travel down to the catalytic converter, where the poisonous gases are broken down into oxygen and water particles. After travelling through the catalytic converter the fumes travel to the muffler, whose main purpose is to soften the sound of the exhaust before it leaves through the pipe. There are several ways of enhancing the performance of the exhaust system of the car. Here are a list of just a few ways, which can enhance the performance of your car.

Install Smoke Exhausts

Smoke exhausts help to keep the temperature of your exhaust system low, which in turn can lead to better performance by the engine.

Install Turbo Exhaust Tubes

Installing a turbo exhaust system creates a spiral exhaust flow, which in turn can create a vacuum in the pipe and draw out air faster from exhaust pipe.

Install Dual Exhaust Pipes

Installing dual exhaust pipes is likely to increase the outflow of exhaust fumes in bigger quantity, compared to a single exhaust pipe. This in turn can automatically increase the horse power of the engine.

Replace Exhaust Manifold with Exhaust Headers

The main difference between an exhaust manifold and an exhaust chamber lies in the way they redirect the exhaust fumes from the engine. A manifold redirects a chain of different gases from different cylinders to pass through the exhaust pipe, before they can reach an outlet. On the other hand a header has separate pipes for different chambers. Its unique features help to keep your car clean and provide good service and horsepower throughout the year

Besides all these usual, tried and tested ways of increasing the horsepower of a car, try installing the longest exhaust pipe you can find in the market for your car. This will save a lot of energy which is usually lost in travelling through the bent pipes of the exhaust system.