Indoor Koi Pond Construction

Having an indoor koi pond is a great way to add a touch of the exotic in your home. It is also a great opportunity to keep koi in places where the winters are too harsh for the fish to be outside. There will be a lot of work involved in building an indoor koi pond, however. Fortunately, it does not have to be as complicated as many may think. This is especially the case if you decide to go for a smaller, more modest installation.

Things You Should Know About Koi

Koi are demanding fish, partly because of their size. They also have specific requirements for their surroundings and these should be carefully accommodated for. Any koi pond should be constructed specifically for the fish with close attention being paid towards the location and environmental conditions. Koi are a type of carp and they are a cold water fish, thriving at temperatures between 59 and 77 degrees. However, they do not react well to temperatures which are frequently below this.

The Advantages of an Indoor Koi Pond

Because of their requirements, an indoor koi pond is sometimes the only practical way to keep the fish in certain climates. Koi also have many natural predators but again, having an indoor koi pond can also keep them safe.  

Choosing the Right Location

It is essential to choose an optimal location to keep your fish, otherwise they may not be so healthy and plants in the pond may begin to struggle. The location should ideally receive an abundance of natural light although halide lights can suffice. Since you will need to maintain the pond and replace water regularly, the pond should ideally be constructed near a sink or other water source. The floor beneath should also be strong since it will have to support a great deal of weight. You will also want to consider whether to build the pond above ground or dug into the ground. Naturally, the latter requires a great deal more work and will be considerably more expensive. There are advantages of building a dug-in pool, however, but it is mostly an aesthetic choice.

Consider the Size of the Pond

The depth of the pond is important because it plays a major part in the temperature of the water. A pond which is too shallow will get warmer and can become dangerous for the fish. The pond should be five feet deep or more.

Getting Everything You Need

For an efficient koi pond, you will need to invest in some expensive hardware. You will need a pump, a filter and an aerator amongst other things. If you are building a dug-in pond, you will need some appropriate lining so that there is minimal risk of leakage or chance of the water to be absorbed by the surroundings. With a larger pond, you will have more space for plant life which is important as it offers shade for the fish as well as food.