Indoor Playground Equipment Design Ideas

Children will love playing on indoor playground equipment that has been well planned and designed. Placing the playground equipment indoors will allow them to play all through the year without the hazards posed by weather conditions and other outside threats. The principles that are used for an indoor playground are the same as those used for playrooms on small basements and complicated covered playground companies. Children love to be around such playgrounds because they get the chance to become creative and there are bright colors all around and a lot of engaging activities and interesting toys.

Choosing Colors and Themes

Colors and themes are the ones that will appeal to the imagination of a child. If you want your color scheme to be simple, use toys and equipment that are colored with bold primary colors. These would include yellow, red and blue. Aside from being primary colors, they are also captivating and dramatic.  For engaging and detailed themes, there is more chance of captivating a child’s imagination, and you can dictate the kind of activities and music that will be played on the playground. Choose themes that have special appeal to children, such as zoo animals, fairy tale castles, jungles, dinosaurs, under the sea, and pirates.  But no matter what kind of theme you use, always include a few simple ambiance machines. An example would be a bubble machine which can make an enjoyable and uplifting atmosphere for children of all ages.

Incorporating Toys

Toys that are placed with playground equipment should be aimed at the right age group. Younger children will most probably be afraid to do the activities that older ones enjoy, such as tunnels, climbing structures and trampolines, so try creating separate areas for various children age groups. Among the most popular attractions for indoor playgrounds are ball pits. If you are going to use the indoor playground for business, you will need a large pit for the balls, but if you are going to install one on your home, you can make use of a kid sized swimming pool and fill it with plastic balls.  Keep in mind though that a ball pit will need constant cleaning, so that it will not collect germs.

Exploration Activities

Children love exploring around, so make sure that your indoor playground is provided with equipment that will facilitate the activity. These would include tunnels and tubes, which are always interesting to children. To create an extensive playground experience on your indoor playground, you can connect a vast network of tunnel systems. Other equipment that you can install are over sized building blocks, playhouses, inflatable activity centers, bouncy castles and trampolines.

Activity Equipment

Children also find interactive games and smaller toys attractive. If there is still space available in your indoor playground, set up some tables that children can use to play with smaller toys, such as train sets and Lego blocks. In addition, you can build a small stage complete with different props and costumes. The children can make up their own stories and stage a production for their parents and friends.