Indoor Pool Design Ideas

More and more people are searching for the best indoor pool design as the popularity of having this symbol of opulence increases. Rich homeowners maximize their indoor home space by adding this indoor feature to their home. The objective is to take advantage of year-round swimming without worrying about constant weather changes. Aside from the wealthy, many building owners are looking into indoor pools for recreation, therapeutics and exercise of their tenants. The downside of having an indoor pool installed is the budget requirement and space that is needed for its installation. It also has a negative impact on the building or home structural components. Proper planning and consultation with a licensed and experienced professional is crucial for indoor pool designing.

Permanent Indoor Pool

Permanent indoor pool installations involve digging on the ground to create the pool. This type of pool can be designed to use concrete or liner material, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and gunite.

Above-Ground Indoor Pool

Above-ground indoor pool can be an attractive solution to having an indoor pool if digging inside the building or home structure is not allowed. It is often more affordable than a permanent indoor pool and may come in parts that can easily be assembled by the homeowners themselves. Normally, this will have a vinyl interior combined with a metal support system that supports the shape of the pool. This type of indoor pool is portable and so it can easily moved to a different location. Some homeowners put an attractive base or deck to make it seem like it’s a permanent indoor pool.

Below are some types of pools that can be done to help you decide on what design to have for your indoor pool. These types can be mixed and matched depending on the size of your indoor pool room.

Play Pool

This is a shallow type of indoor pool used mainly for dipping and playing. An adult or kiddie play pool may be installed side by side. Others put a kiddie pool within the adult pool, and when the time comes that the kids grow up, the kiddie pool is easily removed to form one big adult pool.

Diving Pools

This is a deeper type of pool. The depth may be increased along the length of the pool.

Lap Pools

Regardless of the depth, these pools are long and wide enough to allow a person to do laps. If the pool cannot be too long, some people install a swimming jet pool.  The jet pool creates a current that allows the swimmer to do laps while staying in place.

Vanishing Edge Pools

The walls of the indoor pool room may have a backdrop resembling the horizon where the edge of the pool will end. This will make the pool have an effect that it is extending out into the horizon similar to an infinity pool.

One of the advantages of an indoor pool is that, similar to a bedroom, it can be decorated in such a way to satisfy a selected theme such as Mediterranean, Asian or European. This can be done by putting furniture that satisfies the theme. It may also be designed in such a way to make the swimmers feel that they are in a different country. Some homeowners install waterfalls, plants and slides to make the swimmer feel that the pool is outdoors and not indoors. The ceiling and walls can have a huge impact on the outcome of the indoor pool. Ceilings can be made with glass and walls can have French windows.