Infinity Pools: Pros and Cons to Installing one in Your Backyard

An infinity pool against a cloudy sky.
  • 80-160 hours
  • Advanced
  • 6,000-75,000

While infinity pools are a luxurious and attractive feature for any home, they also have their downsides as well. Before you install one of these in your yard, you will need to consider the potential risks and benefits. This can help you to decide which outdoor oasis is right for you if any. Read on for the pros and cons of adding one of these luxurious gems to your home.

Pros of Installing an Infinity Pool

One popular, and rather obvious, pro of installing an infinity pool in your yard is the ability to swim in a pool on your own property. Like their standard counterparts, they can be used for recreational purposes. They can also be used for exercise and are a suitable place of fun for people of all ages with the proper safety precautions and supervision. Additionally, they can be customized to a design that will meet your particular needs. For example, if you have a young child, you can build your pool to include a wading section where your child can play more safely, rather than have an oasis that is all one depth.

These beauties are well known for overlooking scenic ocean views or contrasting desert schemes. When installed properly, these pools can provide a unique vision of the surrounding landscape. When perched on a hill, the vanishing edge can provide a natural and attractive aesthetic for the swimmer.

In some ways, infinity pools are easier to maintain than standard ones because they have a filtration system that helps to pump water up from the catch basin area to the main reservoir. This helps to reduce the need for cleaning out the water or ensuring that the water does not stagnate. The constant motion of the water continually cleans and filters it.

Cons of Installing an Infinity Pool

While infinity pools are attractive and fun, in some ways they are more dangerous than their standard counterparts. The exposed edge can be easy, especially for a child, to fall over. This is something that could potentially be remedied by adding a partition for added safety. Additionally, it might not be the best choice for your home if you do not have a natural sloping landscape. This type of oasis may not appear to be as spectacular in an area in which it doesn't overlook a larger space, either.

One of the biggest and most prohibitive cons of installing an infinity pool in your home is the cost associated with it. In addition to the main water reservoir, you will have to install at least one smaller catch basin reservoir as well as a system which will feed the water back up into the main reservoir. The cost of installing them can be tens of thousands of dollars alone. Additionally, maintaining this type of backyard oasis can cost a great deal.

So, while an infinity pool may seem like a great idea, it may not be practical for your household.