In-Ground Swimming Pools: 4 Coping Ideas

Coping is the material that is placed around the edge of all inground swimming pools.  Its design serves to beautify the pool as well as holds a practical uses. There are four main design styles that are use with swimming pool coping. Rolled edge coping, tumble coping, bull nose coping and cantilever coping are the four style types. You can integrate stone, concrete, vinyl, plastic, metal, tile and brick to make your coping unique to your in-ground swimming pool design.

Rolled Edge Coping

Rolled edge coping is generally used for lap pools or public pools. It allows for a smooth edge for the swimmer to grab onto. Since this style is generally used for grabbing it has an upward curve and is made out of smooth materials. If you want your pool to have a little more elegance then granite is a stone that is smooth to the touch and can be manipulated into the rolled edge coping design. Granite is also available in a multitude of colors that will no doubt match your pool design.

Tumble Coping

Tumble coping is also known as rough cut coping. It integrates rough stone into the coping design. This design is wonderful if you have stone on your home and would like to match the look.  There are hundreds of different stones available for use and being able to integrate natural stone into your pool will be great for the design. This coping looks great with a pond style pool.  You can match the color of the bottom of the pool to the stone as well to give it a constant flow.

Bull Nose Coping

Bull nose coping is another coping that is rounded to the touch, although it does not need to be smooth like rolled edge coping unless your design calls for smooth. Great materials to use with bull nose coping are poured concrete, metal, vinyl or plastic. Metal will get hotter in the sun so it should only be used in decorative areas.

Cantilever Coping

Cantilever coping is designed to look like almost a drop off from the pools edge. It creates an overhang into the pool. A wonderful material to use for this design is flag stone. Flag stone is a flat, fairly elongated stone that is also used for paths, sidewalks and patios. By using flag stone for your cantilever coping project you can seamlessly flow from the patio to the pool. Almost like you intended for the pool to be hidden. You will want to take into consideration that these rocks are smooth on top yet have rough edges. If you are worried about accidents it might be better to choose a different coping method.

As you can see there are many types of styles and designs that you can use for your swimming pool coping design. Keep in mind all of the wonderful versatile materials for use as well. By mixing and matching all of the available products you will have hundreds of choices available to you.