Innovative Design for Decorative Stone Backsplash

A backsplash.

Stone backsplashes are a favorite kitchen area option for decorative stone designs, and there are plenty of options to choose from. The main purpose of a backsplash is to protect your kitchen wall from cooking splashes, and it is fairly easy to clean as long as a good quality sealant is applied. Colors and textures of decorative stone are limited only by your creative vision, and narrowing down each to a list of favorite possibilities can seem challenging at first. The following lists some inventive ideas for picking and customizing your own unique backsplash design.

Complimentary Materials

Make notes of the colors, tones, and textures of the rest of your kitchen, namely the cabinets, stovetop, floor, and appliances. Also, look at the tones of lighting in your kitchen; is it warm or cool? The colors and tones of stone in your backsplash will appear different under different lighting. Take the overall size of your kitchen into consideration as well. Larger kitchens give you a bit more leeway in putting together elaborate stone combinations because more focus is on the backsplash and less focus is on your appliances.

If you have concrete, granite, or marble countertops, the colors within these can be an excellent starting point. For a contemporary and streamlined design that is becoming popular, try designing a backsplash out of the same or similar material as the counter. Keep it simple and clean; avoid busy stone colors or choppy grout lines if you plan to go with this design idea.

Stone Themes

Natural stone for kitchen backsplashes is available in various themes inspired by different art and architecture styles. European Old World designs can incorporate muted earth colors and pieces of cobblestone incorporated in your backsplash installation. These do not have to be uniform or perfect; this lack of sameness is part of the design look and feel. Feel free to experiment with mosaic designs as another option. Mediterranean stone themes use bolder colors and contrasting accents; the stone for this can also be accented with small pieces of jewel-toned tile.

Combinations of Stone

Marble and granite are two examples of commonly used natural stones for kitchen backsplashes, and another idea is to combine stones of the two. Try matching granite as the main design with marble as the accent piece, and vice versa. These do not have to be in the exact same colors, look for one common shade or tone among them. An additional idea is to use small glass pieces as accents for this design. A good rule to follow for these combinations is color theory: darker colors recede and lighter colors expand.

When selecting any of these possible materials for your customized kitchen backsplash, keep in mind that some may need regular upkeep and daily cleaning. Some stone materials are more prone to chipping or scratching than others, and you should plan for this accordingly. It is strongly advised to do your research on the strengths and weaknesses of each type of stone you are considering as part of your backsplash design.