Inside Remodeling Costs: What Contractors Won't Tell You

Deciding to remodel your home is a huge step that can lead to many remodeling costs. Use this handy guide to ensure that you get a fair price from your contractor.

Paying on Time

Don’t let your contractor threaten you into paying fees prematurely. It is not your responsibility to pay the contractor’s bills on time.

Read the Fine Print

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure that the contract outlines all of the important details regarding your relationship with the contractor. Be sure that the contractor will not receive payment for work that he has not done. If a contractor receives 50% of your payment and has yet to complete 25% of his work, the contractor has no incentive to finish his work quickly.

If possible, suggest a plan that allows you to pay in small increments – 10% down, 25% when one portion of the job is done, 25% when another is done, another 25% when three-quarters of the project is done and then the rest on the day of the projects completion.

Low Bids

Beware of low bidders on your project. They may lowball you to begin with and then charge you later by saying the project was more complicated than they expected. Use your head when you pick a contractor.