Fall Decoration Inspiration

Small pumpkins resting haphazardly on a bed of fall leaves.

Decorating for fall can warm and beautify your home, bringing in all the wonderful colors of the season. Fall is a turning point in the year, when you get lovely days that are neither hot nor cold, but just right. Leaves change colors and fall; winter is close, and soon after that the new year. Here are some of the everyday things around you that can serve as inspiration for warm, earthy decorations, perfect for this time of year.

Falling Leaves

Decorating for fall should always begin with the beautiful, multi-colored leaves whose descent to Earth grants the season its name. Even if you do not live in an area where the leaves turn, they can still be your inspiration.

Start with their shape: Grab a few fallen leaves and trace them on colored construction paper in the colors of fall. Cut them out, glue them to magnets, trim the magnets, and hang them on the refrigerator door.

You don't even need real leaves; you can buy fake ones at a craft store and decorate with those. For instance, take some decorative, fake leaves and glue them to a string of orange and yellow lights. You can then hang these outside as you would Christmas lights, or place them under a television as an accent piece. You can also glue fake leaves on fall-inspired place mats.


When you are decorating for fall, the colors of the season should be used as inspiration: the warm glow of red and yellow offset by the earthy hues of brown. You can create centerpieces full of leaves and flowers or even make solid or a tri-color table runners. You can glue any extra fake leaves to the table runners.


The obvious holiday used as inspiration for decorating for fall is Halloween, but Thanksgiving is a great inspiration for fall decorations, as well. These two holidays have many things associated with them that can lead you into a decorating whirlwind. From ghosts and ghouls to black cats and witches, there's nothing off limits for this coming fall season.

Thanksgiving is the doorway to winter but it's still considered the fall and it brings with it just as many ideas as Halloween. From the pilgrims and Indians to boats and turkeys, there is no shortage of inspiration.


During the fall, seasonal food is the locus of many gatherings. There are certain foods that are best known through their association with fall. A cornucopia full of gourds and corn or a brilliantly carved pumpkin sitting on your porch are both appropriate decorations for fall.