Install a Bookshelf Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

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What You'll Need
Measuring Tape

Sometimes finding space for a bookshelf can be a challenge. Those pressed for space might be forced to discover creative ways to hold and display their books. For recipe and cookbooks, building a bookshelf under your kitchen cabinets is the best way to keep organized.


The most important step when trying to install a bookshelf under your kitchen cabinets is to measure. How much room do you have between the bottom of the cabinet and the counter? You need to measure all of these different things before you even think of installation. You want to measure how far across the actual wall is to understand how large of a bookshelf you can install.

Measure for the Shelf

Next, you want to measure the brackets of the bookshelf. You want to read the instructions that came with the brackets and bookshelf to understand how much room you need. It will tell you the distance you can go between brackets. It can also tell you the distance you can go between the bracket and the end of the bookshelf. Take the measuring tape and measure the distance. From that point, you should take a pencil and measure all of the different anchor drill points.

Drill the Anchors In

The anchors are the most important part of the shelf. They are the screws that have to hold the weight of the books on the bookshelf. Find your marked points and drill the anchors into the wall. The brackets for the braces will allow you to fasten the brackets to the anchors.


Place the board on the brackets and place the level on top of the board. This will help you to ensure that the bookshelf is level.

Fasten to the Shelf

After you have checked for a level brace, you can fasten the shelf to the braces. Take the regular screws and screw the board to the braces. Each brace and shelf kit will require a specific screw number and a specific distance between each screw. Follow the instructions to fasten the shelf properly.

The kitchen may not be your first choice for a bookshelf. The spaces under the kitchen cabinets can often lend themselves to the perfect bookshelf. While you may not want to put books near the stove, putting them above counters can add an interesting design element to your home. Following these steps will help you have the extra and sturdy bookshelf that you need.