Install a Closet Rod and Shelf in Your Laundry Room

What You'll Need
Tape measure
1/4 inch masonry drill bit
Screw driver
Wire shelving with closet rod
Wire shelving wall clips
Wire shelving wall brackets
Wire shelving support brackets

Installing a closet rod and shelf became a one-step process with the advent of wire shelving. Current offerings include a closet rod combined with the shelf, eliminating installation steps and making this home project easier to build and enjoy.  

Step 1 – Measure Your Closet

Typical shelving heights are 70 inches up from the floor for hanging space or 42 inches, then 84 inches from the floor for short and double shelf/rod designs.

Step 2 – Allow Your DIY Store to Cut Your Shelf to Size

Do-it-yourself retail outlets cut wire shelving at no charge or for a minimal fee. The cuts are cleaner and simpler than at home with your hack saw. Allow this valuable service to reduce your installation effort and time.

Step 3 – Install the Wall Clips and Brackets

Wall clips support the back of the shelving while wall brackets support the front corners. Mark your wall at the height you desire the shelf and closet rod combination. Use a 4 foot level to draw light pencil line across the wall.  

On the pencil line, use a 1/4 inch masonry bit to drill the wall clip anchor holes. Begin by installing the clips 2 inches from each end of the shelf. Space the remaining wall clips no more than 12 inches apart, evenly distanced between the two ends.

The wall clips have expansion anchors molded into the clip body. Insert the wall clip anchor into the pre-drilled holes then drive the pins to expand the anchor and secure the wall clips to the wall.

Step 4 – Install the Shelf/Rod Combo

Install the shelf/rod combo into the wall brackets. It will hinge inside these wall clips. Using a level, hinge the shelf so that it is level from the wall to the shelf’s front edge (front to back), then lightly mark the side wall at each front corner.

Use the template enclosed with the wall brackets to mark the necessary holes then using the 1/4 inch masonry bit drill those holes. Hinge the shelf over the wall bracket locations then install the wall brackets and drive the pins to secure them to the wall. Lower the shelf into the wall bracket.

Step 5 – Install the Support Brackets

Support brackets provide strength by transferring shelf weight at a 45 degree angle from the shelf’s front edge back to the wall. Support brackets are necessary at 3 feet or less intervals. The more support brackets you install the more weight your shelf will bear.

Position the bracket so that it locks into the shelf’s front wire. Place a level onto the shelf (front to back) over the support bracket location then level the shelf. Mark the location of the support bracket when the shelf is leveled. Use the 1/4 inch masonry bit to drill the anchor hole.

Insert the expansion anchor through the support bracket’s base and into the wall. Insert the anchor’s pin to secure the support bracket to the wall.

Continue this process until all your supports are installed.