Install a Combination Microwave and Exhaust Fan in Your Kitchen

What You'll Need
Microwave installation manual
Microwave unit, vent hood and exhaust fan unit
Wall mounting plate
Measuring tape
Mounting templates
Hand drill
Screws and bolts

A combination microwave with a vent hood and an exhaust fan is an excellent solution for the kitchen. Not only is it very convenient to use, but it also becomes a big space saver as it does not require a separate oven or a cooking range. This all-in-one unit is sufficient to cater to all the cooking needs for a single person or small family. Perhaps the only inconvenient thing about such a unit is the installation. While installing the microwave itself is fairly simple, installing the vent hood and the exhaust fan will require a bit of expertise.

In addition to the tools, it is advisable to get someone to help you out—the vent hoods and exhaust fan can be pretty heavy.

Step 1 – Measure and Mark

First, refer to your installation manual to see how much open space you require above the microwave unit to install the vent hood. If you do not have adequate space, you may have to remove some shelves or cabinets, or look for another location. Keep in mind that you also need a power source for the microwave; so if you do not have a free power socket in the kitchen, you may have to get one installed.

Once you have verified the measurements, it is a good idea to mark out with a pencil where the holes for the supporting bolts will have to be drilled. If your microwave came with mounting templates, your job will be easier, otherwise you will have to ensure that your measurements are precise. You can also use the wall mounting plate to mark the holes.

Step 2 Drill

Now you come to the actual process of drilling the holes based on your marking. Keep in mind that you may have to drill holes of different sizes to accommodate wall studs and electrical wiring. It is a good idea to verify that you have all the bolts and studs that are required to install the unit. Keep them all in a plastic box so that you do not have to hunt around for them while actually installing the unit.

Step 3 – Mount the Microwave

Affix the mounting plate with the help of bolts. Keep in mind that at least one, and preferably two of the bolts should be wall bolts. With your helper pick up the microwave unit and align it so that it fits onto the support hooks. Ensure that you have run the electrical wiring through the hole. Now use the aligning screws to ensure that your microwave unit is level.

Step 4 – Install Hood and Exhaust Fan

The vent hood will be installed with the help of mounting clips or screws. The exhaust fan unit will be installed with the help of studs. Keep in mind that the installation may differ depending on whether you are venting through the wall or through the ceiling. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more information on how to install the exhaust fan.

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