Install a Cupboard Drawer for Additional Storage

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You can optimize your available kitchen or bathroom space with a cupboard drawer. Consider your storage needs before you begin construction. For example, would it be more convenient to have a drawer that is deep or shallow? Would it help to include a divider to separate and organize small items?


You’ll need to measure the width and depth of the cupboard exactly to see what size drawer will fit. You may be able to purchase a pre-made drawer box in the correct size, which will make this task much easier.

The width of the cupboard is most crucial. The drawer box must be the width of the space minus one inch if you are using side drawer glides (½-inch on each side). If you use a single center glide on the bottom of the drawer, then there is more flexibility. The drawer will not necessarily need to reach the sides of the cupboard.


To install a cupboard drawer, first put the glides onto the drawer. If you use side glides, measure and mark so that they are even on each side. You then mark where the glide hardware needs to be in the cupboard and install the hardware. Be sure to center the drawer in the space.

Add a drawer face, if you wish. If the cupboard drawer is concealed inside a cabinet, behind the cabinet door, then a drawer face may not be necessary.


Finish the drawer with pulls or knobs. There is a wide variety of hardware available for cupboard drawers, including handles that are attached with single or double screws. Again, if you have a concealed cupboard drawer, you may not need a knob.