Install a Door Chain Lock for Extra Security

Installing a door chain lock is an easy and inexpensive way to get extra security on any door in your home or office.

What Is a Door Chain Lock?

A door chain lock is an additional lock to the standard deadbolt and door handle locks that may already be on your door.

The locks consist of two sides, the secured side where the chain is firmly bolted and permanently set, then the sliding side, where the knob at the other end of the chain can be inserted and slid into place.

Why Use a Door Chain Lock?

A door chain lock is useful for a variety of reasons. The first is simply that it serves as another layer of security. If a deadbolt is cut and a latch lock pried or bumped, the chain lock provides another barrier to entry into a home or other building.

The chain may be made of hardened steel, stainless steel, or plated cast aluminium. The hardest metal chains will prove a deterrent to a thief looking for a home or business that is quick and easy to enter. If the locks are properly installed, they can be difficult to reach from the outside, even if the thief has already opened the knob latches.

Another feature of the door chain lock is that the door can be opened slightly to get a delivery or speak to someone at the door without completely allowing the stranger into the home.

There are several styles of door chain locks. The most obvious difference in the models available is the finish on the locks.

Like most door hardware, these locks come in a variety of different finishes to match whatever other hardware is in the home. This may include polished brass, rubbed brass and antique brass, brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, cast iron, etc.

More important, however, are the functional differences. For example, the locks may come with thick, tempered steel chains that are much more difficult for a thief to cut.

Another security feature to look for is the extra long screws that attach the lock to the doorframe. These make the lock more difficult to push off of the door by a strong pressure from the outside. The screws should extend through the doorframe and into the support studs.

There are other security models of the door chain locks that can be set into place after you leave the home with the use of a key. These can provide an additional barrier to a thief even when you are out of the house.