Install a Downspout Diverter

What You'll Need
Downspout diverter kit

A downspout diverter is a great way of getting your gutters clear, while still enabling you to keep enough water for the rain barrel. A downspout diverter works by dividing the water between 2 pipes, one leading to the drain, and the other to a barrel, watering can, or other water device. This is an excellent choice for people choosing to live a more ecologically friendly life, and installing a downspout diverter couldn't be simpler. Follow a few simple steps, and you can have you new diverter installed within a few hours.

Step 1 - Laying Out Your Kit

Take your downspout diverter kit, and lay it out on the patio, or on your lawn. Make sure that you have all the pieces necessary to install your diverter, including joints and screws. Put the diverter together to check, and then lay it out. You can write numbers on your kit so you know in which order to install them. This is a good way of keeping track of your progress and helping you if you make a mistake.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Pipe

Take off the old pipe from your gutter. You will need to leave enough pipe so that you can fit the gutter and diverter together easily, but not so much that you cannot slide the pieces of the diverter kit together without a struggle. Measure the length of the diverter from the barrel and drain, and also measure the pipe. Take 2 inches from the measurement of the pipe, and cut to that level.

Step 3 - Add the New Pipe

Take the first piece, which will probably be the actual diverter, and fit it into the remaining pipe. You may have to tighten the top of the diverter as the pipe enters it, and you will probably need to screw it to the wall before proceeding. Make sure that the diverter is fitted so that the water is 50/50 between drain and barrel. You can check before proceeding by putting a small amount of water into the gutter near the pipe, and then watching it travel through the diverter. Adjust to get a perfect balance.

Step 4 - Install the Other Pipes

You will now need to install the rest of the kit. These pipes should be clearly marked in the instructions, and you have already tested it out on the ground. Take the first piece of our rain barrel diverter, and screw it into place. Take the first piece of the drain pipe, and install that by screwing it into place. Proceed for all of the pieces of pipe. You can then fit your rain barrel or watering can under that section of the pipe. Test out your pipes again to make sure that there are no leaks, and that the water is not all trailing into one place. Once you are satisfied, finish the project and clear up any mess. You can now look forward to keeping your gutter clear of rainwater, while still keeping enough to fill your rain barrel.