Install a Fireplace Blower in 7 Steps

  • 3-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-300
What You'll Need
WD 40 or other Lubricant
Shop Vac
What You'll Need
WD 40 or other Lubricant
Shop Vac

A fireplace blower is an efficient way to take advantage to heating from a fireplace. Fireplace blowers push heated air from the fireplace out into the room. Blowers are often installed in fireplace inserts to increase the efficiency of the fireplace in heating the entire room, instead of just the area right in front of the fireplace.

Step 1

With the fireplace completely cool, open the fireplace insert where you will be installing the fireplace blower. Usually this is a knock-out plate located at the bottom of the fireplace insert.

Remove the screws that hold the insert cover in place. It may be necessary to use a small amount of WD40 to loosen the screws. If this is the case, spray the screws and wait for the material to be absorbed before trying again.

Place the screws aside where you can find them when needed to reattach the cover.

Disconnect the power to the area where you are installing the blower at the fuse box.

Step 2

If there is an old blower motor installed, you will need to remove it. Place newspapers to the side on the ground so that it will be easy to set the motor down when you have it out of the space.

Unplug the blower from its power source. Unscrew the mounting bracket and remove the motor from the blower space. Disconnect any electrical wiring and place the motor on the newspapers.

If your fireplace does not already have a blower installed, then you will need to prepare it for electrical wiring. Thread the 110/120 VAC service wire from the fireplace junction control box through the blower opening and secure them to the blower clamp.

Step 3

Vacuum the space completely, using a shop vac. Use a wire brush to loosen any accumulated or baked dirt, dust or debris from the corners and back of the space. Vacuum the space as clean as possible.

Step 4

If you have removed a blower motor from the space, then check the part number of the motor and purchase a replacement motor of the same type.

If you are not replacing a blower motor and are instead installing a new blower, then you will need to purchase a blower that has the maximum effectiveness for the size fireplace you have and the room you are heating. Speak with a fireplace specialist in order to determine the best size blower motor for you application.

Step 5

Wire the new motor to the electrical wiring from the motor you removed or to the electrical wires from the control junction box. Connect the black wire to the black wire; the white wire to the white wire and the ground wire to the junction box ground stud.

Step 6

Set the blower all the way at the back of the fireplace and then pull it forward approximately ¼ inch from the back.

Step 7

Place the motor in the blower space. Use the support brackets to hold the blower motor in place. The motor should be screwed in tightly to avoid any unwanted vibration.

Turn the power back on.

Turn on the motor to test the electrical connections.

Replace the cover plate and screw it back into place.