Install a Mini Bar Fridge In Your Cabinet

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  • 2-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-800
What You'll Need
Mini fridge

Installing the mini bar fridge into a cabinet in your home only requires a few simple steps. You can easily do this on your own if you take the time to find the right refrigerator for your cabinet.

Custom Cabinetry

If you are building the cabinet from scratch, you will want to get your mini fridge first. When considering the mini fridge for your needs, it is also a good idea to know the types of items you plan on keeping inside the mini bar fridge. Wine bottles require a depth that will allow them to rest on their sides. Large two liter soda bottles require a fridge with more height.

Consider the amount of entertaining you will be doing with your mini bar fridge and buy the size that will hold as many refreshments you may need. After you have purchased your mini bar fridge you can start constructing your cabinet. Add a cabinet door with the screwdriver and hinge hardware, you can find all wood and hardware needs at your local renovation supply store.

Existing Cabinets

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Assuming you are going to put a mini fridge in a previously made cabinet you will need to take measurements to assure you are getting a mini fridge that will fit into your cabinetry. Allow for a little clearance all the way around for replacement needs.

You will find that mini bar fridges come in a large variety of sizes, so this should be a relatively easy step. If you find your mini bar fridge is too deep for your cabinet, you can add a couple of pieces of wood where the hinge hardware is placed to get more depth to your cabinet. You might need to make other modifications to your cabinet so it will fit a mini bar fridge.


The electric mini bar fridge will need accommodation for the cords that supply the power. Some cabinets have cut-outs in the back so cords can be easily passed through. If your cabinet does not already have cut-outs, you might want to drill them yourself. The location of the mini bar fridge should have an electrical outlet within reach of the fridge's power cord. An extension cord may also be used if the cabinet is not placed close to a power source.

Cabinet Styled

Buying a mini fridge that mimics a cabinet is very expensive, nearly three times what a typical mini fridge would cost and they are hard to find anywhere, other than online stores. If you make your own mini bar fridge you will save money, it may be a bit time consuming, but worth the effort. Your next party will be a hit!