Install A Porch Screen To Keep Insects Out

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  • 2-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Rubber spline
Utility knife
Pruning shears
Rubber mallet
Spline roller

Sitting out on your front porch is much more enjoyable when you install a porch screen to your outdoor living space. Flying insects can be the scourge of summer and keep you from really enjoying your front porch. Some candles contain toxic elements that some people can have an allergic reaction to and bug lights tend to be more trouble than they are worth. A porch screen in a very easy do it yourself project that provides protection from the insects and adds a nice finished charm to your porch.

Step 1 - Remove Old Screen

If your porch already has a screen on it, but it is held up with staples and wood batten, then it is probably stretched out and sagging. Remove this old screen and prepare the area for the new screen system. Pry off the old batten boards and pull off the screen. Go around the entire area and flatten the staples so they do not stick out and damage the new screen system.

Step 2 - Fasten New Vertical Base Strips

screened in porch with furniture

Many people have used the old fashioned way of adding a porch screen. It is very easy, but unfortunately does not last very long before it starts to sag and pull apart. A porch screen that operates on a system of strips you attach the screen to is much more efficient, and keeps the screen nice and tight. It also adds a finishing touch to your front porch.

You can order this as a kit, or you can customize it to fit your porch by buying them separately. Once you have made your purchase, install the vertical base strips. Measure the length of the 4x4 posts on your front porch and cut the vertical strips to size with pruning shears or tin snips. Install to the porch with galvanized screws every 12 inches.

Step 3 - Install Horizontal Strips

Once all the vertical strips are attached, run the horizontal strips along the rails and top sill. When you get to the door simply cut the strip with the shears.

Step 4 - Install Screen

screened door

The premade strips have channels on each side called splines. These splines are where you place the screen and roll them in with a spline roller. Starting in the upper corner, begin installing the screen by pushing the fabric into the spline with the spline roller. Pull it tightly as you move across to the other vertical strip. Continue rolling it into the splines with the spline roller on the horizontal strips. When you get to the other vertical, pull it tight and make the final roll. With this system the screen will stay tight. Once the screen is installed, trim off excess with a utility knife.

Step 5 - Cover with Cap Trim

To add a finished look to the entire system, simply cover with a cap trim piece. These caps clip right onto the spline strips and come in different colors to match your house trim or finish.