Install a Pre-Made Mosaic Tabletop in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Pre-made mosaic design

Mosaic is an easy way to lay tile yourself. Mosaic projects are both inexpensive and easy to do. You choose the design and make it yourself or you can purchase a pre-made mosaic design. There are several different types of pre-made mosaic designs available to choose from. These are even easier to apply than a typical mosaic job. Below are some tips and steps on how to successfully apply a pre-made mosaic tabletop.

Step 1: Choosing Your Design

Be sure to choose a design that will fit your tabletop. If adjustments need to be made, you will want to make sure that it is not going to affect the overall design that you have chosen. Pre-made designs come in all shapes and sizes, so shop around to be sure that you are getting the best one for your tabletop.

Step 2: Applying Pre-Made Mosaic Tile

Apply your adhesive to each piece of tile in your pre-made design. It is important that you get each piece smeared with adhesive as this will ensure that it will not later come off. A thinset type of adhesive will do best for a patio table. Thinset adhesives are made for outside conditions and are very sturdy. You will not need to separate your connected tiles as they are already perfectly spaced out.

If too much adhesive is applied to the backs of your tiles, you will need to have a washcloth handy to clean up any excess that oozes out to the front.

Step 3: Grout

Allow your tile to set overnight before you apply any grout. You will not need to get a special kind of grout for mosaic tile. It all does the same job. Although you should try to choose a grout that goes well with the colors of your design so as not to clash or take away from it. Once you have chosen your grout you will need to mix it properly. Your grout should be about the same consistency of cake frosting. After your grout has been mixed successfully, simply apply it to your spreader and spread it over your tile. If applied correctly, the grout will fully cover the gaps between your mosaic tile designs. Spread your tile going one way then go back in the opposite direction to ensure that you get every crevice in your design. Once you have finished applying the grout, allow 15 to 20 minutes to pass. Then get a damp sponge and lightly clean off the tiles.

Step 4: Clean Up and Sealant

Allow the grout to set over night to ensure it is completely dry before you fully clean off your tiles. A sealant is recommended to ensure that your grout stay protected and clean for as long as possible.

To apply the sealant simply cut the opening at a forty five degree angle and apply it along with your grout.