Install a Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop: Mistakes to Avoid

A stainless steel kitchen countertop has been popular commercially for many years. Recently, with the decrease in cost and increased availability, stainless steel countertops have become popular additions in home kitchens as well. When installing the countertops, here are some mistakes to be sure you avoid.

Ordering the Wrong Size

Stainless steel counters are made to order. It is essential that you measure your countertop accurately. Better to measure often during the construction process than to find out you ordered the wrong size. This is advisable to eliminate seams.

Failing to Seal Seams

After the countertop is installed, there will be seams at walls and where panels come together. Seal all seams with rubber sealant strips that are made specifically for stainless steel countertops. If the seams are not properly sealed, water will infiltrate the countertop and cause rust and mold, rendering the counter unsafe for food preparation.


Because continuous exposure to microwaves can damage the protective surface of stainless steel, do not set microwave ovens directly on stainless steel. Burns are not repairable, and require replacement of the entire counter. Burn marks on a stainless steel countertop damage the protective coating and make the surface unsafe for food preparation. The damage can allow metals to get into food, and cause serious food poisoning. Once an area is deeply scratched or burned, the countertop must be replaced.