Install A Swimming Pool Slide In Your Backyard

If you are ready to enjoy your backyard swimming area even more, it’s time to install a swimming pool slide.  These are somethings to consider when choosing a swimming pool slide. You'll probably want assistance with the installation. 

Step 1-Measure the Pool and Pool Area

Before you decide on a model of pool slide you will need to take some measurements of the area around your pool, your deck size and your pool size.  It will be important to choose a swimming slide that matches your pool area in terms of what will fit. 

You will need to take a look at how your pool will be situated; does the slide need to angle to the left or to the right?  You will need to think about whether or not you will want to hook up a water source to your slide. 

Step 2-Pre-Install

Once you have decided on the type and model of the swimming pool, you will need to research your county codes for installation.  Make sure you take care of any regulations or permits before you start the installation.

Step 3-Gather Materials

Take the boxed slide to the installation site and open, making sure to leave the box as a buffer.  This will prevent any scratches or damage to the pieces.  Read the manufacturer’s instruction guide for a list of materials needed and gather those materials.

Step 4-Put the Slide Together

Following the exact manufacturer’s instruction you will need to start piecing together the slide first, then the ladder.  Once you have the ladder and the slide together, you can join them before attaching the legs. 

It is important to have assistance during this step as the slide and ladder can be quite heavy and it is vital that it is pieced together correctly to prevent any safety mishaps later on. 

Step 5-Attach to Deck

You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions based upon the type of deck you are attaching the slide unit to.  There are differences between paver, concrete and wooden decks, as far as instructions and specifications go.  Having a correct install will keep your family safe.

Precise measurement is also an important part of this step, as you want to make sure the slide will reach the water correctly as well as the water source for the slide.

Step 6-Hook Up Water

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to where and how to connect your water source to the slide.  This will make sliding easier and safer.

Step 7-Follow Safety Guidelines

After the slide, ladder and water have been successfully connected, be sure to follow all swimming pool slide safety codes.  Do not allow children to use the slide without supervision.