Install a Tie Down Anchor to Concrete

What You'll Need
Tie Down Anchor
Hammer Drill
Mortar Bit
Tape Measure

A tie down anchor is instrumental when setting up a new mobile home or building a shed, a carport, or some other building. They are used to securely hold a building, or some other item, to the ground in the event of a strong wind. They also keep items level and firm. Installing a tie down anchor is not a hard project but does require some special equipment. It can be done at the initial concrete pour, which is the easiest. or it can be done when you need the anchor.

Step 1: Determine Location for Tie Down Anchor

It does not matter if you are installing the tie down anchor as the concrete is being poured or after, as you will still need to know where it should be located. Use a tape measure and any plans that you have to mark the exact position for the anchor. Sometimes, you can randomly place the anchor where you feel it should go. Just remember to add a new anchor every 18 to 20 inches. This will help to keep down a large building more securely.

Step 2: Set Anchor into Concrete

The easiest way to install a tie down anchor is at the initial pour of the concrete. As the concrete is being leveled with a float, simply stick the anchor into the wet cement. Make sure it is at the right depth and is standing straight. Use the concrete float to smooth out the concrete around it.

Step 3: Drill Hole for Anchor

If the concrete has already been poured, or you want to install a new building over an old concrete foundation, you can still do it rather easily. You will need to use a hammer drill outfitted with a mortar bit. This drill uses a pulsing action, which both turns the bit and drives it into the concrete. It is like a combination jackhammer and drill. Stand the hammer drill straight up and begin to drill into the concrete. The hole should only be a few inches in depth. Mark the depth on the drill bit by using some tape.

Step 4: Clean Out Hole

Once the hole for the anchor has been drilled, you will need to clean it out. Use an air compressor that is set to 80 to 90 psi. Attach a blowing attachment to the hose and clean the hole with the air pressure.

Step 5: Apply Concrete Adhesive to Anchor

Before you set the tie down anchor into the hole, you should apply some concrete adhesive to the end. This will help the anchor adhere to the surrounding cement for a much more secure hold.

Step 6: Place Tie Down Anchor in Concrete

Set the tie down anchor into the hole and hold it straight. You may need to use a small hammer to drive the anchor into the concrete. Hold the anchor until it stands on its own.

Step 7: Finish Area with Liquid Concrete

To give the area a finished look, spread out some liquid concrete around the anchor. Smooth it out and make sure it is flush with the surrounding area.