Install a Valance in Your Living Room

What You'll Need
Step ladder
Tape Measure
L Brackets

A valance over a window in your living room adds a certain elegance to the room. It is no longer just a plain wall, but now the window and the adjoining area has a depth to it. Valances come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and even materials.

Some valances have large amounts of fabric that billow out in rolls. Other valances are simple boards with inlaid designs or carvings. Installing a valance in your living room is an easy project that is done with a few basic hand tools.


Step One - Location of Valance

A valance is hung above a window and surrounds the blinds, or curtains, that are being used as a window treatment. Depending on the size of the valance, you will have to determine the exact placement on the window. Measure the window and mark the center of the window on the wall above. Next, measure the valance and find the exact center. Mark with a small piece of tape.

Once you have these measurements, have a helper help you life the valance in place lining up the marks on the wall and the mark on the valance. This will make it perfectly centered with the window. Check for the height of the valance by eye as you are holding it up. Mark the ends at the height you want them. Once the marks have been made, you can set the valance down.

Step Two - Install L Brackets

When choosing the L Brackets for your valance, choose the size that will best fit your needs. A large L bracket that is going to extend farther then the bottom or the top edge will not look right. A smaller bracket will not have the strength to hold the valance up.

From the marks you made on the wall for the height location for the valance, measure in 6 to 8 inches. If you have a large valance that is going to cover a large window, then you will need a new bracket every four feet.  Place the L Bracket on the wall and mark the holes for the screws. Drill the holes and install the drywall anchors. Place the brackets back up and screw into the wall.

Step Three - Install Valance

Set the valance on the L brackets and mark the holes on the underside of the valance. Remove the valance and set on a stable surface. You need to drill pilot holes into the wood to guard against cracking the wood. Drill the holes, keeping your drill straight.

Set the valance back on the brackets and line up the holes. Secure the valance to the brackets with wood screws.

Step Four - Adjustments

Since the valance will have fabric covering the wood, spend some time adjusting the fabric and making sure it looks right covering your window. After you are satisfied with the first window, then move onto the second window following the same procedures.