Install an Exterior Door in a Brick Wall

What You'll Need
New door

An exterior door can serve many purposes. As well as being a general entrance and exit, it can also be part of a security system, help with energy conservation, and also allow access to an area that could not otherwise be reached, If you are in the middle of a home improvement design, and would like to move your exterior door, this is something that requires a little bit of time and effort, but can be managed by anyone with a little DIY experience. If you are a little daunted by the prospect of installing an exterior door in a brick wall, then there are a few simple rules that you can follow to help you manage this task.

Step 1: Remove the Wall

Before you remove any part of the wall, you need to ensure that it is not part of the supporting structure of the house. If your wall is a load-bearing wall, then you will need to either have a specialist contractor come in and make the wall safe, or perhaps just move your door to a different wall. Supposing that you are alright to proceed, start by marking out the extent of your door, not forgetting to include framework and door supports. Trace around this measurements by hammering a line with your chisel. Once this is done, try and knock out as many of the bricks along the edge as you can. Remove whole bricks, as fitting will be adjusted later. Once the bricks at the edges are gone, you can use the hammer to knock out the ones in the middle. Carefully chisel away any cement at the bottom of the wall. On the inside, you may need to remove drywall, but this is easily done.

Step 2: Add the Door

Put a layer of caulking below the place where the new threshold will be. Place the frame for the door in the hole you have made, and secure one side to the bricks. The door frame should be fitted bottom first, and the frame can be tapped in using a hammer, or just the toe of your boot. Use a spirit level to ensure that the door is straight, adding wood shims if necessary, until the hinges are level. Step outside the frame, and check that it looks square from a few feet away. You can then fix the door using screws to the brickwork that is whole. Add your door by screwing it onto the hinges, and check that the whole thing is still level.

Step 3: Fixing the Bricks

You can now add bricks to any gaps in the masonry. You may need to chop some bricks in half in order to get them to fit, but that should not be a problem. Cement them carefully into place. Fill any gaps between the door and the brick wall with insulating foam, and then caulk around the outside of the frame. Cover with as much molding as you would like and then caulk again. The door should now be ready for use.