How to Install Basement Insulation Around Windows

caulking a window
What You'll Need
Window insulation kit
Blow dryer

Putting basement insulation around the basement windows is a very important task. Not only will the insulation prevent the loss of heat in the basement, but it will also stop you from having to purchase expensive energy-efficient windows. To save the expense many people choose to simply add the insulation by following these easy steps.

Step 1 - Draft Checking

Place your hands near the edges of each window to feel for air movement. If you feel any air, you will have located spaces through which cold air is entering.

Step 2 - Replacing

Take all of the old stripping from around the windows and replace it with new stripping. Be sure that all of the basement windows receive new stripping in order to make the job effective.

Step 3 - Caulking

Take the caulk and seal any spaces around the edges of the windows. Doing so will stop drafts from entering. If there is old caulk around the windows, remove it first before applying the new caulk.

Step 4 - Finishing

Apply the plastic wrap which included in the kit and cut it to fit the windows. Tape the plastic around the windows and be sure to seal the edges tightly. Doing so will fully insulate the windows.