Install Brick Driveway Edging in 6 Steps

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  • 4-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
Common red brick or landscaping bricks
Partner saw (if your driveway isn't straight)
Fine or small gravel (optional)
Mortar mix (optional)

Installing brick as driveway edging for your home's driveway will create a neat and attractive border that separates your entryway from your lawn. This will also help to protect the concrete or asphalt from chipping or cracking. Another benefit is that it will make mowing and weed eating easier. Here is how to install your new landscape border.

Step 1 - Purchase Needed Materials

Visit your local home improvement store and purchase the type of brick you wish to use for your home's new driveway edging. Common red brick will be the cheapest option. However, more expensive landscaping brick comes in an array of colors and can be much more attractive depending on the desired look.

Step 2- Check Your Driveway Edges

First, you will need to inspect the edges of the concrete or asphalt. If the edges are straight and true, there will be no need to do anything to prepare for placing your new driveway edging. However, if the concrete or asphalt is not straight and level, you will need to rent a partner saw from a tool rental store and cut the edges of the driveway until they are straight and true. Ensure that you obtain any necessary safety equipment along with the saw to avoid injury.

Step 3 - Dig Trenches

Dig a shallow trench about two to three inches deep on both sides of the concrete. You want to make sure that the trenches are as uniform in size and as level as possible. Before you dig too much, use a couple of bricks to determine how deep the trench actually needs to be. If you will be installing two rows for your driveway edging, dig the trench wide enough to accommodate them.

Step 4 – Shovel in Gravel (optional)

If you want the driveway edging to be able to support the weight of a vehicle (just in case a vehicle drives over it), you should use fine or small gravel underneath the bricks you will have placed for the border. Use the shovel to flatten out the gravel and make it as level as possible.

Bear in mind that this option is only feasible if you will be using mortar mix to secure the bricks together and up against the driveway itself. Skip this step if you are only wanting to lay the bricks in a line.

Step 5 - Place the Bricks

Once you have carefully dug your trenches and spread the gravel, you can begin placing your bricks against the brim of the concrete. Place them end to end and flat in the trench. If you are not using gravel under the bricks, use a rubber mallet to tap them down until they are seated securely in the trench.

You will need to use the mortar mix to hold the bricks together and create a bond between the gravel if you are opting to use gravel to increase the strength of your driveway edging.

Step 6 - Edge Away the Grass

Using a flat shovel or a spade, hold it straight up and down to edge the grass away from the bricks that you have installed. Alternatively, you could use a gas-powered edger for this as well.

You now have added a beautiful brick driveway edging to increase your curb appeal.