Install Carpet on Stairs: Step-by-Step Directions

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You can install carpet on stairs using the waterfall method, which can be broken down into several easy steps.

What You Will Need

In order to install carpet on stairs, you will need tack strips, staples or upholstery nails, measuring tape, knee-kicker, a carpet stretcher, a utility knife and a hammer. You may also want to get safety goggles and kneepads.

Take Measurements

Before installing the carpet, you will need to figure out how much material you will need. This can be done using the following methods:

The width can be calculated by measuring the thread (the horizontal part of a step). The length can be calculated by measuring each riser (the vertical part of the step) and the thread of each step. Be sure to add three inches per step.

Attach the Carpet

Next, attach the carpet to the stairs one step at a time. Check for mistakes after every step. If you notice a mistake several steps down the line, you will have to detach the entire carpet. Here is how:

Place tack strips along each step’s tread and riser, right where each side meets the wall. Attach them using a hammer and either nails or staples. place the carpet along the step, making sure it fits, then you can attach the carpet to the staircase. Tuck in the edges of the carpet. Try to make sure at least some of it catches onto the tack strips. Secure the rest of the carpet to the tack strips using the knee kicker. Push its teeth into the carpet and slam your knee into the cushioned end. Finally, trim away any extra carpeting using the utility knife and that's that.