Install Exterior Double Doors

Congratulations, you just ordered the exterior double doors that you have always dreamed of owning! Now you need to make space and install the doors. This list is meant to guide you through the process.

Step 1 – Measuring

Measure the doorway. Does it match the dimensions of the doors you ordered? If it does not, then you must adjust the opening in order to accommodate your new exterior double doors. Make sure to take into account that you may need extra room for the framing of the doors.

Step 2 – Prepare the Area

Prepare the work area for this renovation by spreading caulking on any area of the door frame that may be affected by the installment of these doors. This caulking is used to protect your doors from the wear and tear of installation.

Step 3 – Place the Doors

Place the exterior double doors in the doorway, making sure that they are completely centered. Keep the two doors level with each other at the top and the bottom. Sometimes a slight shift in depth is enough to create long lasting problems. The trick here is to maintain symmetry between the two doors.

Step 4 – Hinges and Shims

Set up a temporary hinge with a screw placed a few inches under the top of the doors. At this point, depending on the type of exterior double doors, it is more effective to follow the instructions according to the doors' manufacturer. Use shims accordingly, and make sure they are present at the top and both sides of the doors.

Step 5 – Symmetry is Key

Check to make sure the door is level again. It is absolutely crucial that the gap between the doors themselves, as well as the gap between the doors and the wall, remain consistent. This is to ensure that no problems occur with the latches after installation.

Step 6 - Insulate

Fiberglass insulation should be placed between the frame of the house and the exterior double doors. You should be placing a sheet of insulation that is at least one inch thick between these two areas. This might require some cutting. The insulation can be installed like drywall since it will be held up by the frame of the house. You won't need to screw or secure the insulation to the frame in any way since it should hold naturally. Also, you should make sure to wear gloves when you handle insulation to avoid any injuries.

Step 7- Finishing Touches

Air leaks between the door frame and the house may be prevented by the use of caulk. For aesthetic purposes, the components that need to be painted may be painted accordingly.

If you follow all of these steps, you should be able to install your new exterior double doors without a hitch. Remember, it is easier to constantly check for symmetry than to fix mistakes in the future.