How to Install Glass Tile Around a Bathtub

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What You'll Need
Notched trowel
Rubber trowel
Masonry bit
Tile nippers
Tile cutter
Silicone caulk
Caulking gun
Latex tile mastic

Installing glass tile does not have to be a difficult job. In fact, anyone can install glass tile around a bathtub. The following article will show you how to install glass tile around your bathtub.

Step 1 - Layout Lines

Measure the height of the area to tile, then divide it in half and make a mark. Adjust the mark to avoid laying partial tiles. Determine how many tiles are needed to reach the bottom of your tile area. Use the level to draw a line at the top of this tile and across the area where you're tiling then repeat horizontally.

Step 2 - Apply Tile Mastic

Begin where the 2 lines intersect. Apply a layer of tile mastic with the trowel's smooth edge. This product has roughly 20 minutes until it sets, so do not work with an area that is larger than 3 square feet. Once you have a thick layer on the quadrant, use the notched side of the trowel to spread the tile mastic around creating ridges. If the tile mastic skins over or is no longer tacky, than you have to completely remove it from the wall and start over.

Step 3 - Begin to Tile

Place your first tile at the line intersection by pressing it to the wall tightly. Make certain the edges are lined up to both lines. Set tiles along both paths working toward the end of the wall as well as down. Create it in a step pattern and only use full tiles. Use spacers between each tile to allow for grout.

Step 4 - Fitting Tiles

With the full tiles in place, work on the partial tiles by cutting them to fit. Since you were working out toward the edge, you have the space to hold the tile in place, fit it, and mark the overlap of the last full tile. Line the mark on the tile with the tile cutter, then move the fence to the tile's edge then press down with minimal pressure to cut the tile. Place the tile with the cut edges toward the corners or ceiling. If you need to fit tile around pipes or other fixtures, use the drill or tile snips to trim the tile as needed.

Step 5 - Applying Grout

Mix the grout according to the directions and apply it diagonally to the tile with the rubber trowel. Get it between the gaps. Allow the grout to set for 30 minutes before wiping the excess with a sponge. The following day, buff the haze off the tile and apply caulk around the outside edge.