How to Install a Heated Toilet Seat

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What You'll Need
Heated toilet seat
Ground fault circuit interpreter

If you are tired of sitting on a cold toilet seat, consider installing a heated toilet seat to warm things up.

Step 1 - Ground Faucet Circuit Interpreter

First make sure that you have a ground fault circuit interpreter (GFCI) outlet within easy reach of the toilet. Heated seats come equipped with an electrical cord which must be plugged into this type of outlet for the seat to function.

Installing a GFCI is the hardest part of installing a heated toilet seat. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker box. Find a spot for your new outlet. It should replace an existing outlet, or be located near enough to an existing outlet that power can be run to the new outlet from the old one.

Measure the GFCI receptacle and cut a box large enough for the receptacle to fit. Insert the receptacle. Connect the incoming black and white power cables to the line terminals on the GFCI unit. Fold the wires carefully and stuff them into the box. Then attach the outlet, screwing it into place.

Step 2 - Attach the Heated Seat

Unscrew your old toilet seat and replace it with the heated one. Plug it in, and turn the power at the circuit breaker back on.