Install Keyless Locks Like a Locksmith

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What You'll Need
Drill and drill bits
Chisel (optional)
Keyless lock set

If you've been toying with the idea of replacing any of your door dead-bolts or knob locks with keyless locks, you don’t need to hire a locksmith to do it. You can do it yourself and it takes less effort than you might think.


You will need to decide before starting how much security your home needs and if a keyless lock is the right answer for you and your family. A keyless lock is simple to install and use.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Door Lock Hardware

You will need to remove any old door hardware that you previously had installed. If you have decided to install a one unit piece, with keyless lock and door knob, then you will need to remove both the door knob and the dead-bolt lock. If you are simply replacing the deadbolt lock, then remove only that. Usually a screwdriver will work just fine.

Step 2 - Confirm Position

If you have chosen the one piece unit, you will need to figure out whether you want to be able to open the handle to the left or right.

Using the template that came with your keyless lock, line it up at the correct place on the door where you want to install it. Using your pencil, mark the outline and location where the screws will be.

Step 3 - Mark the Spot (optional)

This step is optional and can be used if you are working with a wood door and are installing a one piece unit.

After you have marked the outline of the template and the screw holes you can use your chisel to mortise a spot for the exterior keyless lock. Before continuing, it is important to make sure the exterior is flush inside, with no variance.

Step 4 - Install keypad

person using app on phone to unlock front door

Reattach the exterior plate to the keypad, carefully avoiding pinching the keypad cable.

Step 5 - Finish Up

The last thing to do is to set your password and attach the back plate, using appropriate screws and making sure everything is flush.

There are many benefits to using your new keyless entry system. First, no more digging for the house keys; all you need is your code. Second, it’s mechanical and not electric so it won’t fail you or leave you unprotected in incidences of power outages. Third, you can rekey your locks anytime by changing your code; you can even continue to use your keys with some systems. Lastly, these locks are hacksaw and pick proof.