Install Paver Lights in 11 Steps

What You'll Need
Basic tools from a tool kit
Some good landscaping skills
Paver Light Base
Paver Light lens
Lamp (4watts is recommended)
2 sets of connectors

Paver lights can add a touch of elegance to your back yard or garden. They are varied in type and your local hardware or DIY store should have various kits and types available. For those with little DIY experience, carefully following the instructions is essential.




Installation Steps

  1. Check that you have all your materials available. If you’re using a kit then there should be a detailed list of what should be included in the packaging. 
  2. Dip your lamp into some petroleum jelly. This will help prevent corrosion further down the line.
  3. Assemble the lights according to the instructions in your kit. It’s a good idea to omplete this process in one hit to save time and minimize clutter. 
  4. Install the bulb by feeding both of the wires out of the paver light base. Next, you will need to secure the bulb in the socket holder.
  5. Cut your cable in two with wire cutters or snips. 
  6. Once you have cut the cable you need to split it down the middle. This can be done using a utility knife. Be careful not to expose the copper inside. Take a good look at your cable. Notice that one side is ribbed while the other is smooth. 
  7. Use your connector and rejoin the like sides of the cable. In other words smooth to smooth and ribbed to ribbed.
  8. You will notice that there are 3 holes in your connector. Take the smooth end from one cable and place it into the left hole. Now take the smooth end from the opposite cable and place it into the right hole. There should be a white or black lead wire coming from the socket. Place this into the center hole. 
  9. Once the wires are in place you should notice a black cap metal slide. You need to place this side down into the connector body. You’ll need to use pliers and apply some force. 
  10. Place the completed fixture between your pavers and run the wiring underneath. You might have to go around some of the existing pavers but be creative. 
  11. Attach the lens. It should snap into place with only gentle pressure. Repeat the process until all of your paver lights have been installed. 




Paver lights come in a variety of styles and ready made kits. Someone should have a fair amount of DIY or landscaping experience before they attempt to do this from scratch. Paver lights are safe to walk over but make sure that any wiring is buried just below the surface of the ground. This will prevent accidents.