Install Rafter Baffles

What You'll Need
Staple gun
Leaf blower or fan
Safety gloves
Safety glasses
Wooden board

Roofing baffles, also known as rafter baffles, are vitally important to the ventilation and circulation of air within the roof area. Baffles help to keep moisture away from air vents, preventing the build-up of mold and also ensuring that the roof cavity itself does not become waterlogged. If you want to install a baffle you have to do so very carefully, as an incorrect fitting can funnel moisture into the attic or can grow mold in the gaps formed. While installing a rafter baffle is usually done by professionals, it can be done fairly easily by someone with a little bit of home improvement experience, following some basic rules to get the project completed.

Step 1 - Preparing

Before you can begin installing the baffle you will need to prepare yourself. You may want to wear a hard hat, and you should definitely have safety gloves and glasses. An old pair of trousers, tucked inside steel-toed boots will help to protect you against loose nails that have been left sticking out from the floor joists. When you are actually in the attic you will need a length of wood, preferably wider than your foot, which will be placed over these joists in order to give you a bit more room to walk. Put down the board so that it doesn't damage the insulation while you are moving around.

Step 2 - Remove Any Drywall

The next step is to clear the area you wish to install the baffle of any drywall. If you have no drywall in the area, consider yourself lucky and proceed to the next step. For everyone else, you will need to move around the drywall, sliding to the eaves if you need to. Tap the drywall away with the base of your staple gun, or use a hammer. The drywall may fall in pieces, which can be fitted later, or you may need to install some more at a later date. Use your leaf blower to move any insulation from around the vents. Push this away using the safety gloves.

Step 3  - Installing the Baffles

Get on your ladder and remove the wall plate. Keep to the joists, or rest the ladder on your wooden board. When stepping up to the ladder or descending, take care not to tread on the gap between the joists. Take your baffle and install it into the wall above the vent. The best method of doing this is to use a staple gun, which will pun the baffle to the rafter. The staples should be around 4 inches apart. Sweep the vents clear of dirt, and remember to take everything with you when you leave the roof.