Install Roll Roofing with No Nails

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What You'll Need
Work gloves
Plastic cement (if needed)
Roof flashing
Roofing felt
Cap nails
Roll roofing
Utility knife
Blow torch

A sturdy and stable way to install roll roofing with no nails is by using torch-down roofing. For this type of roofing, you’ll be utilizing a propane torch to apply heat to the layers of roll roofing to fix them firmly into place. This allows a measure of durability far stronger than traditional roofing.

Step 1 - Prepare the Roof

You want to be installing roll roofing on top of a roof that’s even, clean, and in good condition. Note if there are any cracks or splits and patch them up with plastic cement. Cut out any blisters and fill them in. Make sure to wear work gloves whenever you’re working on the roof.

Step 2 - Install Roof Flashing

Look for all of the joints and edges of your roof. Install metal roof flashing at these points in order to prevent leaks into your home. Brush primer onto the metal. This will allow the metal of the flashing to stick securely to the roof.

Step 3 - Install Roofing Felt

The base layer will need to be attached with nails to assure longevity of your roll roofing system. Lay the felt over your roof and attach it with cap nails. The nails should be inserted every 6 inches across the felt.

Step 4 - Set the First Layer

Start at the bottom of your roof and roll the roofing all the way to the top of your roof. Use a utility knife to cut the roll roofing so that it’s even with the edges of your roof. Have someone assist you to pull the sheet as you’re rolling so that it’s set tightly. There should be minimal bubbles and wrinkles. Roll the sheet back so that it’s only covering up to the center of the roof. Make sure to keep the roofing straight while doing so. You’ll roll it slowly back into place as you heat each portion of the roof.

Step 5 - Heat the Layer

Point the torch about a foot from the roll roofing. You’ll be applying heat to the area where the roll roofing and the felt meet. As you heat the material, the roll roofing will bond with the felt. When one portion has sufficiently bonded, push the roll roofing with your foot so that it covers a bit more of your roof. Heat this new area. Continue rolling and heating until the entire layer of roll roofing has been completed. Work through this step slowly to make sure that all sections are heated evenly. When everything has cooled, use the utility knife to trim the edges.

Step 6 - Apply the Next Layer

Apply the next row of roll roofing over the first, overlapping them by approximately 6 inches. Following Steps 4 and 5, set the roll roofing layer and slowly heat it into place so that it adheres to the roofing felt. Continue applying layers in this way until you’ve covered the roof flashing.