Install Siding on a Dormer

dormers on a house
What You'll Need
Siding nails
Tin snips
Tape measure
Vinyl siding
Accessories for siding

Installing siding on a dormer is not actually a very difficult project. However, installing siding on a dormer is slightly more complex than a standard side of a house. When fitting siding on a dormer there are lots of different lengths and angles which need to be considered. With some planning and all of the right tools you will be able to successfully complete the project.

Step 1 - Vinyl Accessories

The first thing you will need to do is attach the vinyl J mold to the dormer along the joint between the dormer and the roof. Use a vinyl corner piece along the front section of the dormer. Make sure this is a very snug and comfortable fit.

Step 2 - Level Siding

dormer on a roof

Working out the angles to cut the siding so that the pieces are perfectly level can be very complicated. There is, however, a trick that many professionals will use to ensure the angle is cut accurately. Place a piece of siding against the dormer and push it right up so that the bottom corner touches the slope of the roof. Then using your spirit level hold the plank so it is perfectly level. Once you have positioned it so it's level, tack it against the wall using a couple of nails. This will be used as a template so the length isn't important at this point.

Put another piece of siding along the slope of the roof so it covers the first piece. Using your pencil, mark the line on this first piece of siding. This is a very easy and accurate way to find out the angle of your roof.

You can then use your saw or tin snips to cut along this line to form your template. This line will accurately show the slope of your roof and ensure that the siding fits snugly against the roof.

Step 3 - Mark Siding

Your template will consist of a length of the siding with the correct angle cut into it. Using this is very easy. Start by measuring the length of the siding you will need and mark it with a pencil. Remember to measure the longest length. Now place your template on top of your piece of siding and trace the angle onto the siding so that it's the right length and has the correct angle. This makes it really simple to accurately prepare the right angles on your siding without needing to use angle measures or do complex calculations.

Step 4 - Cut Siding

Once you have the angle marked you need to cut the siding. You will also need to cut the length of the siding so it fits properly against the dormer. Then you're ready to install it against your wall.

Step 5 - Install Siding

Install the first piece of siding against the wall of the dormer using nails. When using nails you need to be fairly gentle and avoid hammering the nail right into the wall. Leave the nail sticking out slightly. Repeat the process with other pieces of siding, moving up from the base until you have covered the entire dormer.

Step 6 - Finish Touches

Once the siding has been installed and is angled properly you can use caulking to fill in any gaps. This siding will offer your home a lot of protection from the elements and also improve the look.