Install Window Security Gates

If you want an added sense of security in your home, you may be thinking about installing window security gates.These strong bars come in many types of materials, permanent and removable and have several ways to install them. There are a number of things to consider before you install window security gates however. Many of these bars can't be removed if installed in certain ways, so while they offer security for you against intrusion, you also are losing one method of escape from your home if there is a fire. Security window gates also work well to prevent children and pets from pushing out a screen and falling to the ground below and possibly being injured or killed. You should check with your local authorities, usually the fire or police department, before installing as there may be local rules or ordinances pertaining to window security gates. In some areas, such as New York City, they are required.

Step 1: Choose the Style

There are several different type of security gates and they include individual bars that are installed one at a time, bars that are welded to another bar at the top and bottom to form one continuous piece, and security mesh that is almost indestructible. Your security concerns, other entrances and exits available from your home in case of an emergency, if you are above street level and if you have children and pets, are things you should take into consideration.

Step 2: Measuring and Installing

If you are going to install a window security gate that is one set of continuous bars, then you will need the measurement on the inside of your window from frame to frame. Most standard size windows will have ready made bars available so this would save you a substantial cost. If you prefer the individual bars that are installed one at a time, you will need to determine how far apart to space the bars so you will know how many you need for your area. Mesh security screening also comes in ready made sizes. If you use your windows for ventilation and cooling, then you will want to install the security gates between the window glass and the screening.

Step 3: Types of Hardware to Use

The best guide for installation hardware is to consult with the place of purchase of your security bars. Many bars use a special screw that will only turn one way, so once they are installed they are almost impossible to remove. You will want to consider this. You will also want to consider the construction materials of the bars. The best to use if you are on ground level or basement level is the type that can't be sawed with a hacksaw to remove. If there is the possibility that you may want to remove these bars at a later date, you should use removable wood screws and mount from the inside of the window. Be sure they are long enough to sink deeply within the window casement.