Install Wood Door Trim In 3 Steps

What You'll Need
Finishing nails
Wood putty
Miter saw
Tape measure
Combination square

Placing new wood door trim around your door can change the look of a room easily and without a lot of money. Getting the hang of it may take a few minutes, but once you get it worked out the work will go quickly.

Pick Your Trim

The type of trim you pick will have a lot to do with how you need to cut it and install it. You can find trim in a wide variety of designs, widths, and materials. Pick your trim then decide which method you need to use to install it.

Block Casing:

Step 1- Choose Which Case You Will Use

You will need to choose block or miter casing to install. Use corner blocks if you are applying block casing. These are squares of wood that are decorative. They are placed in the top corners of the door jambs.

Step 2- Pre-Drill Holes

Drill holes where you will end up nailing the corner blocks in to prevent splitting. Use a pencil to mark the side and top rails. Cut pieces that are slightly longer than the distance between the corner bocks. Set these against the wall and use a utility knife to cut it down to the right size. This will prevent you from having it too short to begin with.

Step 3- Finishing It Up

Fill any nail holes with the wood putty and paint the door anyway you wish.

Mitered Casing:

Step 1- Practice

Make a few practice cuts to get the hang of cutting the correct angles with the miter saw. Practicing a little bit will help you get better fitting corners for the finished product.

Step 2- Create the Top Piece

Set your miter saw to a 45 degree angle and cut a piece for the top. Place the trim flush with the casing so the short point is on the side of the reveal line. Use a pencil to the mark the spot where the trim will cross your line. Use your saw again to cut this point.

Step 3- Cut the Side Pieces

Use a few nails to hold the piece you just cut in place at the line. Measuring from the floor to the long point on the angle, add ½ inch to this measurement and cut a piece to trim the sides.

Cut the piece with your miter saw so that your mark is the short part of the angle. Pre-drill nails holes again so you don’t split the wood when you nail it in place. Check the corner for fit and nail it in once you are happy with the fit.

Step 4- Finishing It Up

Do the same as above for the other side of the door. Fill any nail holes left with putty and paint or stain it.