Installation Tips for Laminated Shingles

If you want to install laminated shingles onto your roof, then you should be aware that they can be more difficult to lay than ordinary shingles. As they are laminated, they are more rigid, and so have to be installed in a certain manner, in order to secure them. Putting the laminated shingles in correctly is important, as stress and damage will weaken the shingles.

Use Diagonals

When you install your laminated shingles, the best method for doing this is to use a diagonal method. Rather than the usual staggered installation, which is used on most types of shingles, lay them out in a diagonal pattern. This will help to avoid having to lift the shingles repeatedly, as this can cause wear and tear.

Work Downwards

Work down from the top of the roof to the bottom, lining up each shingle in front of the one before it, and then nailing it into place. You should then repeat this in the subsequent columns, so that you have a line of diagonal shingles going down the roof, rather than from side to side. You should also trim the shingle at the bottom so that it does not over-hang the gutter.