Installation Tips for Mirror Bifold Doors

Mirror bifold doors are easy to open and allow you full access to your closet whereas sliding closet doors only grant access to half of your closet. In older homes, the sliding closet doors are being replaced with the mirror bifold doors.

Tips for Installation

Before you begin installing the mirror bi-fold doors, make sure you have all of your tools on hand, and measure the opening. Measure both the height and width. Lay the tracks down before you lay the carpet for best results. This will allow your door to open and close with ease. You can also install 'snuggers' between the wheels of the door if necessary.

After Care Tips

After you have installed your mirror bi-fold doors, you will need to take care of it by keeping the track free of dirt and paint. Use a soft cloth with a mild detergent to clean the steel surface. Do not use any harsh cleaners or abrasives. Use warm water or an approved glass cleaner to clean the mirror surface to avoid scratching it. Do not use cleaners based with ammonia. Acidic cleaners or ammonia cleaners will harm the front surface and edges of the glass. Instead of spraying the cleaner directly on the mirror surface, spray directly on the cloth and apply to the mirror. Make sure all of the edges are completely dry.