Installation Tips for Plantation Blinds

Installing plantation blinds yourself is relatively easy. Here are some tips and guidelines you should bear in mind.

Type of Mounting

First, determine the way you are going to mount the blinds—that is, inside or outside the window.

Mark in Advance

Measure the place where you wish to install the blinds using a measuring tape. Then, mark the location where you will be fixing the brackets, and the holes where you have to drill. A leveling tool should be used to ensure a neat result. 

A Helping Hand

It is best to have someone helping you hold the blinds while you are working at measuring, marking, fixing or drilling. This will significantly facilitate your work and improve your chances of installing the blinds neatly.

The Screws

Brackets will be fixed by means of screws. Make sure to use screws that are appropriate for the material where you are installing them. You need to ensure that they create a secure grip.

 The Number of Brackets

Usually you will use a bracket at either side of the blinds. However, if the blinds are particularly wide, it is best to use at least a third bracket in between for added safety. This will also avoid the blinds from sagging or drooping in the middle area.