Replace a Shower Door Sweep

A modern looking bathroom.
What You'll Need
Door sweep
Petroleum jelly

There are many important components of the bathroom and shower. The most critical, and one of the most often overlooked, is the door sweep. The door sweep, or door bottom, is the small rubber strip that lines the bottom of the shower door. If the floor in your bathroom is sopping wet after every use, chances are this door sweep is in need of replacement.

Replacing a worn out door bottom is important because the water that seeps out during every shower can cause damage to the floor of the bathroom. This damage is costly and time-consuming to repair, especially if the problem has been ongoing. It is much better to nip the problem in the bud by replacing that worn out door sweep with a brand new one. Doing so is not all difficult, and the tools that you will need are likely already laying around the house.

Step 1

Open the shower door from the inside and leave it propped open.

Step 2

Carefully grasp the edge of the door sweep, pulling it towards the outside of the door until the strip has come loose from the track. Depending on the type of door sweep that is currently in use, it may be necessary to unscrew the door sweep from the track.

Step 3

Take the old door sweep with you to your local hardware store or home improvement center. This will help ensure that you get a new one that matches the size and height of the existing sweep. There is a slight variation in size for various kinds of door sweeps, so taking the old one with you is the best way to avoid a wasted trip and unnecessary returns.

Step 4

Using the old door sweep as a pattern, cut the new door sweep to the same length as the old one.

Step 5

It is now time to install the new door sweep in the track. If the door sweep is designed to fit in the track, the edge of the sweep should be coated lightly with petroleum jelly.

Step 6

Test the new door sweep by taking a shower (or running it against the door). Afterward, assess the condition of the floor. If there is still water on the floor, you may need to add more caulking around the shower door to remove any leaks.

Hopefully, the floor is dry and you no longer have to worry about leaks!