Installing a Baby Crib Bumper

What You'll Need
Crib bumper kit
Tape measure
Notepad and pen

It is necessary to install a baby crib bumper within a crib in order to keep your child safe from harm. By following a few steps, you will find it relatively easy to protect your child from becoming entangled within the rails of the crib.

Step 1: Assess Crib

Begin by assessing the crib to familiarize yourself  of its parts and construction. This knowledge will be required so that you know where the baby crib bumper kit is to be fitted. If you have retained it, read the instruction manual that was used to put it together to determine all the correct parts.

Although the crib may look uniform, there will be a headboard and a footboard so you will need to be aware of which is which. At this stage, you should also measure the dimensions of the crib and write them down to have handy when you make a purchase.  

Step 2: Examine Kit

You will often be able to buy a baby bumper kit in the same style as the bedding used within the crib so that you can obtain a matching set. You should also make an effort to find a bumper that is hypo-allergenic to prevent your baby from suffering an allergic reaction.

Once you have obtained a kit in the desired style and of the correct size, you should examine it in accordance with the instructions so that you understand which part goes on to which section of the crib. You will find that there is likely to be one end of the panel shorter than the other which will serve as a guide of where to begin.

Step 3: Fit Bumper

Only the mattress should be in place when fitting the baby crib bumper to prevent other items obstructing it and so that it can be tucked into the edge of the mattress. Start with the short end of the panel and fit this inside the crib against the corner of the headboard or foot board. Avoid starting in the middle of one of the rails as this can result in the bumper not fitting properly.

Secure the cords to the outside of the crib by weaving them through the rails before tying them off. Press the bumper against whichever end board you are starting with until you can pull the cord through to the rails on the outside of the crib. Make sure that the baby crib bumper is pulled taut before tying it off. Once the corners have been securely tied, secure the cord midway along the length of the panel as an additional fastener.

Continue in this manner by pressing the baby crib bumper to the inner rails until you are able to tie off the next corner. Make sure all the corners are tied off before securing the cords in the middle of the rails. When you return to the point where you started, overlap the cords before tying them to ensure that there are no gaps present.