Installing A Bay Window In Your Living Room

A bay window makes a great addition to any living room. It will give the room an impression of being larger and add more light. However, the installation can be challenging as it is not installed like a regular window that sits flush with the wall. Follow these tips to make your bay window installation easier.

Remove Existing Window

You will need to remove the entire window to install a bay window. This means sash, frame and even frame enclosure.

Measure Bay Window

Measure the dimensions of the bay window frame. Mark these measurements on the outside of your home. With a reciprocating saw, cut along the lines and frame in the new window opening.

Add Supports

A bay window is going to stick out from your wall so you are going to need to brace it. On the rough sill, install wooden brace. Along the top of the window frame you will have to also install cripple studs. Use several of these, spaced evenly, to give the strength the wall needs to hold the window up.

Apply Caulking and Slide Window In

Lay a bead of caulking around the window frame and slide the window in. Check to make sure it is level and add shims if needed. Fill the interior gaps around the window with insulation and close in with new trim pieces.