Installing a Car CD Changer

  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 65-150
What You'll Need
Car repair manual
A CD changer
A screwdriver
Wire strippers
What You'll Need
Car repair manual
A CD changer
A screwdriver
Wire strippers

A car CD changer can provide you with the opportunity to listen to your personal favorite music and musicians. When choosing your CD changer, be sure you have one that suits the make and model of your vehicle.

Step 1 – Safety

Disconnect the car battery from the engine and take the keys out of the car ignition before you begin. Read your repair manual. The manual will provide with you information regarding the necessary hardware to mount the CD changer.

Step 2 - Choosing an Installation Location

Determine the location for installing your new CD changer. They can be placed in the car trunk, under a seat or any other convenient spot. Be sure that the place you choose will enable you to hide the changer cables and power cord.

Step 3 – Choosing the Hook Up Sources

Decide on the hook up source you will use when you install the CD changer. If your car has no extra input jacks, you will need to add an adapter to allow your changer to operate.

Step 4 – Choosing the Mounting Hardware

Decide how you want to mount the changer in your vehicle. You can use hardware that is provided with the changer or you can mount the changer with Velcro straps. Velcro will allow you to install the changer without having to modify your vehicle in any way.

Step 5 – Locating the Cable Pathway

Determine the pathway for the cables and the power cord of your new CD changer. The path will lead from the location of the installation to the unit on dash. Be sure the cables and power cord will reach and that they can be hidden from view.

Step 6 - Inspecting the Car Audio System

Determine if your car audio system has an interface for a CD changer. An existing CD changer interface will dictate the location of the plug in leads. If there is no existing interface in the vehicle, you will have to purchase one. The interface will include a harness for the wiring and the necessary cables.

Step 7 – Mounting the CD Changer

Use the hardware provided or Velcro straps to mount your new CD changer. Carefully pry the interior carpet from the vehicle to hide the cables underneath it. Use a screwdriver to secure the hardware bracket to the vehicle.

Step 8 – Connecting One End of the Power Cord to the CD Changer

Use the wire strippers to strip about a quarter of an inch from each of the ends of the power cord. Attach one of the ends to the CD changer power connection.

Step 9 – Connecting the Other End of the Power Cord to the Battery

Carefully guide the other end of the power cord to the positive terminal of car battery. Use the clamp on the battery to secure the cord in place. Be sure to put a correct size fuse in this circuit.

Step 10 – Connecting the Audio Cables

Attach the audio cables from the CD changer to the car stereo

Step 11 – Testing the System

Reconnect the car battery to the engine. Place the key in the ignition. Test the new CD changer to be sure it is operating properly.