Installing a Ceiling Fan in a Sunroom

What You'll Need
Celing fan

Installing a ceiling fan into a sunroom can be a task that anyone can handle. For years ceiling fans have been the rave for most homes and they serve their purpose well. A home with a sunroom deserves to have this decorative item in it since the fan will provide a cooling mechanism that will sooth any hot day. These fans will also work during the year to always give the room a slight chill.

Step 1 - Power off

Go around the home and make sure that the power is turned to the "Off" position. Make sure that the sunroom is especially powered down. By turning off all electrical items you will ensure that once the job begins there are no sudden shocks to cause any types of injuries. Normally all of the electrical items can be turned off at the main power box in the house. Sometimes these breakers are located in the basement. Once located be sure to turn off the proper switches.

Step 2 - Remove obstacles

Pick up any items around the sunroom that may cause any injuries to you while doing the job. Make sure that the room is free from structures that may interfere with the ladder that is used. It would not hurt to also place cushions or foam across the floor just in case the fan or any of its components drop while doing the task.

Step 3 - Safety precautions

Place a pair of work gloves over your hands in order to avoid any injuries while putting the fan into its position. Remember that the ceiling fan blades may be sharp and it is always a great idea to protect yourself from cuts or scrapes.

Step 4 - Preparation

Climb onto the ladder once it is in steady position and make sure that the junction box is in place. The junction box should have a black, green and white wire attached to it.

Step 5 - Installation

Take the ceiling fan and begin to install it. Connect the wiring and remember each wire's purpose. Most manufacturers will give details on how to make the proper connections. The black wire carries voltage while the white wire is neutral and the green wire is the ground. Install a spacer rod if the sunroom's celing is slanted. Make sure that the right sized wire nut is used to hold each wire. This job should be done with ease and each connection should be made correctly.

Step 6 - Securing

Secure the wire nuts into place and make sure they are in tightly. Be sure to store the wiring inside of the junction box. The wires should be inside of the box to avoid any contact with the fan's parts.

Step 7 - Testing

Go back to the power box and turn the power back on. Once this is done, check the sunroom to make sure that the ceiling fan is functioning correctly. Clean up the padding or any other items that were used while doing this job. Also replace any items that were removed from the room.