Installing a Closet Rod: What to Know

What You'll Need
Clothing rod
Clothing rod holder
Drill and bits
Wall anchors

Installing a closet rod can be a simple DIY project, if you have the right tools and materials. Follow the simple guidelines below for a quick and easy installation.

Although it can be a simple project to complete, there are several key things you'll need to be aware of, if you want your rod to be sturdy enough to carry the weight of clothes that will be hanging from it.

Step 1-Check the Wall Surface

Determine what is the wall material that will hold the rod. Is it drywall, masonry, or concrete? Each will require different fasteners. Since most closet material is drywall, our instructions will be intended for attaching a rod to a drywall surface.

Step 2-Rod Location and Placement

Use a stud finder to locate studs inside the drywall that you will be sinking your screws into. Placing each rod end against a wall at the level you marked the stud. Lay a level on the rod to be sure the rod will be level when attached to the end walls. Determine where you want each rod end to be attached to the wall and mark the spot.

Step 3-Pilot Holes

Into the marks you made, (be sure there's a stud behind it) use a drill and drill pilot holes for the rod holders.

Attach Rod Holders and Hang Rod – insert screws through holes in the rod holder and screw them into the pilot holes you made in the studs. Now insert the rod ends into the rod holders, and your rod should be ready for holding clothes.