Installing a Deck Pergola

What You'll Need
Four 4 x 4 Posts
Post Mount Brackets
Nine 16' 2 x 6 Lumber
Bolts and Nuts
Cordless Drill
Circular Saw
Jig Saw

A deck pergola makes a great addition to your deck or patio. They are very useful for providing adequate shade, and giving creeping flowers a place to grow upwards along the pergola. Pergola construction on your deck is not an overly difficult project, and will provide years of great lounging.

Step 1- Install Post Mounting Brackets

Measure along your deck area and mark the areas of the mounting brackets. They should be at least 12" from the edge of your deck. Once you have the marks for your brackets, drill the holes needed for bolting to the decking. Use 3 inch bolts to secure the brackets to the decking and use washers and nuts on the underside to fasten them.

Step 2- Cut and Install Posts

Depending on how large you want your deck pergola, you will need to cut your 4x4 posts to fit. The most common size is 8 feet tall, but they can be any size you prefer. Cut the posts with a circular saw. Install the mounting brackets with long carriage bolts.

Step 3- Cut out Design on Pergola Rafters

It is much easier to cut out the design on your 2x6 rafters while it is on the ground than after you install them. Trace your pattern on the ends of the rafters and cut them out with the jigsaw. You can clean it up with a sander after the cut is made.

Step 4- Install Header Boards

These are the boards to which the rafters will be nailed. Measure them the length of the deck pergola and fasten to the posts with long galvanized screws. While you are installing these, take the time to keep them level and make sure the upright posts stay plumb.

Step 5- Attach Rafters to Deck Pergola

Lift each 2x6 rafter up to the top of the pergola and attach with wood screws. Stand the rafters on end and span across the width of the pergola. Attach with either hanging ties or by toenailing the screw. They should overhang the beams by 6 to 8 inches.

Step 6- Paint Deck Pergola

Once the deck pergola has been constructed, it is time to paint it. Use quality exterior grade paint that will stand up to the elements. Pour the paint out into a plastic basin and use a wide brush to apply the paint. Start at the top and work your way down. You will need to apply two to three coats if you do not use any primer. One to two with the use of a primer coat.

Step 7- Sit and Enjoy

After the paint dries, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Grab some deck furniture and relax outside in the shade provided by your new deck pergola.